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Benefits and Features

In the 1970ís the typical hot tub looked like a wine barrel and featured a wooden bench. The 1980ís brought about the acrylic shell and featured up to 6 jets, along with a noisy yet entertaining bubbling system. In the 1990ís the hot tub grew up. 

With the dawning of the new millennium, today's hot tubs come with 20 to 30 jets, contoured lounges, and offer features designed to dazzle the new hot tub owner. ThermoSpas manufactures hot tubs with up to 160 jets and provides special features that cannot be found on any other hot tub built. 

As you read this section youíll learn that the most important aspect of ThermoSpas' design is to manufacture quality built hot tubs that are safe, easy to maintain, simple to service, efficient to use, and fun for the entire family.