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What is VRML?

VRML is the "virtual reality modeling language." A simplified analogy is: VRML is to 3D on the Web as HTML is to regular (2D, flat) Web pages. VRML provides a very efficient way of giving the user an interactive and dynamic 3D experience over the Web.

How can I view VRML?

The complete installations of the latest versions of browsers from Netscape and Microsoft include VRML2.0 viewers. There are also many available plug-in and standalone VRML viewers. All you need to start seeing and exploring VRML scenes and worlds is one of these readily available tools. For current information on how to download the latest browsers or a standalone VRML viewer, visit the VRML section of the TriVista Website.

How can I create VRML?

There is no easier path to cool VRML than 3DImageCubeTM. Unless you are very brave and have loads of extra free time, do not attempt to code VRML by hand! For details on 3DImageCubeTM, visit the TriVista Website.